Social Activities

Every Wednesday the Society runs a Social Club for adults from 7pm to 9pm at Frimley.

Volunteers help run the club by overseeing health and safety, providing a limited transport service, and running the tuck shop. Members have ownership of their club, deciding on activities and how it is run. Entry is free for Society members.

On Saturdays there is a regular disco for adults from 7pm to 9pm at Frimley, also with a limited transport service. Once a month disco's have a themed evening, these usually include a Valentines Party, Easter Party, Fish & Chip Suppers, Autumn Social with a Country and Western theme, and Christmas Party. Times may vary for these special events. A Society member is our resident DJ.

We also hold regular fund raising events including a Summer Festival with Talent Show, Christmas Bazaar, Dinner & Dances, and 60's Party Nights. Our day service also holds a big fund raising party night each year.

The Frimley Choir celebrates Christmas by singing at a local church, Bexhill Gateway Club and our own Carol Service at Frimley. Rehearsals are held during Wednesday Club nights.

There are two annual outings each year, one to the Ice Show and another in August to a local place of interest which includes a meal out.

All our social activities are run by volunteers.