Active Arts Student Quotes April 2010

“[Active Arts] is very good. I enjoy coming here and the tutors are very nice”

Stephen, Story Making & Illustration and Art

“I've learnt to paint and to mix colours, we get to do lots of different things” “The staff are really helpful”

Jean, Art

“We do lots of dancing, everyone in class is very nice”

Sue, Dance

“I've learnt to act, I like taking part in the show [and] the classes are good fun”

Tom, Comedy & Drama

“I made an animation and film at the beach which I enjoyed. I also enjoyed acting in the films” “Staff are alright” “We went to a BBC film studio on a trip to watch the news being made and we met the presenters” “Class is ok”

Richard, Film Making

“I like making my cat [out of] paper mache, it makes me very happy to come here” “My work [is put] on show so people can see [it, which also] makes me happy” “We get to make and try lots of different things”

Ian, Art

“In class I dance, sing and act” “Everybody is nice”

Hayley, Musical Theatre

“Active Arts is great fun to do, we meet lots of other people and we wear costumes for the show”

Mary, Comedy & Drama

“I think it's good, we get to meet lots of people, the sketches are great” “going on stage is absolutely brilliant” “I've made lots of good friends”

Grant, Comedy & Drama

“I've enjoyed it”

Michael, Comedy & Drama

“It's very good, we're doing lots of different sketches” “Acting makes me feel good”

John, Comedy & Drama

“I love it!” “the shows are brilliant” “I love it all”

Michael, Comedy & Drama and Musical Theatre

“I've learnt to act and dance” “the costumes are very nice” “I like planning the shows [and helping to] decide what sketches we do”

Julia, Comedy & Drama

“Active Arts is very good, I've enjoyed the drama and acting” “I'm looking forward to the show”

Simon, Comedy & Drama

“[I like Active Arts] because I Like creating things towards a project”

Sam, Story Making & Illustration

“I like the art class because I like drawing Michael Jackson and other singers, I like drawing best”

John, Story Making & Illustration

“I like creating pictures”

Sara, Story Making & Illustration

“Yes, I do like coming to Art Class, I like making things that tell stories. I did a picture of the Sunbeam for the Indian project at the museum”

Stephen, Story Making & Illustration